The Top Family Photography Locations in Toledo, and surrounding areas, Ohio. Family is everything, and capturing those precious moments together is priceless. If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop to create lasting family memories through photography, Toledo, Ohio, offers a wealth of picturesque locations that will make your family photos truly special. 1. Metro parks […]

What is a life style session?? Life style session happens when your photographer visits you at your home. There is no need of leaving your own comfort zone. Pictures are taken around living room, bedroom and baby nursery room. There is no need of deep cleaning the house. Pictures are taken at few places, with main […]

WHAT TO BRING:Pacifier , bottles with pumped milk/formula. Even if your child does not typically use these, it is important that we have access to various soothing techniques to make sure your session runs smoothly. Hair brush for the baby. WHAT TO DO:  Keep baby awake as much as possible prior to their session time. I […]

Asia Woodmancy Photography Hi, I’m Asia.The owner of Asia Woodmancy Photography. I have been photographing since 2018. Everything I know about photography I taught myself. I took a lot of online editing classes to better understand how photoshop works. Back in 2020 I also attended a newborn workshop to better understand how how newborn photography looks. […]